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"We should use a naive, pure look at jewelry, like sitting in a car speeding past happened to catch a glimpse of the roadside apple flowers blooming." (Gabrielle Chanel)
We are almost certain to Ms. chanel online shop deutschland triggered a the "la Garconne" fad. Hong Cornell bold spirit so that she was able to retain the contradictions and mysterious atmosphere. Design inspiration from menswear, but she believed that "more and more strong and feminine woman." Designer Karl Lagerfeld to borrow Hong Cornell Ms. Bold and delicate, coupled with their own creativity, makes each season after he re-interpretation of the Hong Cornell fashion are also the continuation of the essence so. chanel online shop of Chanel can always find something, even in the European and American women in society and spread the word when you can not find the right clothes, wearing a chanel taschen online kaufen suit. "
"Said popular, only which appears to subvert this element, you only know their own success." (Cocoa incense Cornell) -
Ms. Hong Cornell discarded tights and skirt, women still enjoy freedom of action and choice. She generally believe that luxury as he loved spiritual needs, but this luxury must be low-key and vulgar. To prove it, she will own jewelry deconstruction of the reorganization, a careful combination of arbitrary patchwork finally create new jewelry styles, still practical.
Lagerfeld believe "Do not over-reverence, coupled with a little humor, is the immortal legend of tips." His own ingenuity twill ooze suit, we are familiar with knitted dress, waist chain camellias, and two-tone shoes, perfectof achieving this balance. Clever in his famous and well received widespread attention on the fashion show into chanel taschen 's style, the use of these classic elements in modern ways.
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