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Founded in Germany in 2004, George Gina & george gina lucy taschen started to develop original handbag designs encompassing thorough quality and cutting-edge styles. Their tremendous team demonstrates an eye for extraordinary details and functionality, with a crazy-fresh take on fashion and high versatility. George Gina & Lucy is an ever-evolving collection of moving, living works of funky art - bags with spunk and personality! With the George Gina & george gina lucy taschen online shop handbag collection, women all over the world can express their amazing personalities and quirky characteristics without so much as a word!
This innovative handbag collection speaks to the fashion-forward and modern, yet distinct, kind of gal. With a goal to be nothing less than surprising and individual, George Gina & Lucy have the creativity that allows for edgy features in all of their handbags. Their collection comes in an array of uppers, such as canvas, nylon and extremely luxe leather. They also feature bold lines and daring colors for an eye-catching appeal.
This creative new brand is one to love with season's worth of must-have styles! Their designs are uniquely bold, yet funky and a bit classic! This breathtaking handbag collection has made george gina lucy online kaufen a hot commodity and a success story all over Europe. With a handbag from George Gina & Lucy, you're ready to take on any season and all festivities!
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